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Expert Interview: Local nurse Sarah Schukei

July 31, 2020 |

Parents and caregivers – this nurse interview is for you! Colin’s Hope’s Alissa Magrum and Austin-area nurse and mom Sarah Schukei chat water safety and drowning prevention.

Learn what surviving a non-fatal drowning is like, why educating small children and not just parents is key to prevention, and why kids should use and occasionally NOT use a life jacket in the water!

Key moments in this very interesting interview:

  • 2:00-6:00 Get Water Safety cards for parents to use at your community pool, and to remind you to reinforce safer water behaviors like the Whole Hand Rules with your kids.
  • 6:01-7:30 Why parents should watch their kids, but must also educate their kids to prevent non-fatal and fatal drownings. “I’ve never really seen a kid drown and come back as themselves.”
  • 7:45-11:00 How to (safely) teach your kid that they CAN SINK in water without a life jacket or floaties.
  • 11:45-13:30 The need for practice of swimming and water safety skills between swim lesson sessions. Swim Kim resources for parents and caregivers.

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