Swim/Dive Team Fundraisers & Athlete Ambassadors

Are you ready to challenge yourself and have fun while supporting a great cause?

There are two ways to support Colin’s Hope as an athlete and raise money for an important cause.

1-Swim/Dive teams compete to collect pledges, while learning about drowning prevention, and informing their community on water safety. Volunteers, coaches, and participants host an event at your aquatic facility to swim laps. The top athletes receiving the most number of pledges and the most donations will receive Colin’s Hope swag and recognition as top aquatic athletes.

The competition allows athletes to raise funds to support their team’s efforts for the year and contribute a portion back to drowning prevention efforts.

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2-Athlete Ambassadors compete as individuals to achieve your personal milestone and collect pledges along the way:

Ambassadors participate in walks, marathons, triathlons, swims and just about every other activity you can think of around the country in the name of drowning prevention. As a Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassador you will receive a free pledge page that you can customize to your liking. Simply email all your friends, family and co-workers with your personal pledge link asking for their support as we work together to eliminate childhood drowning.

Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassadors that raise more than $25 will receive a Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassador swag. 100% of the proceeds received from your pledge drive will go towards Colin’s Hope’s mission of water safety and preventing children from drowning.

What are you waiting for? Register as an Athlete Ambassador for Colin’s Hope and help prevent childhood drowning today!

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Colin’s Hope Athlete Ambassador Program

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