Teach Water Safety With Colin & Friends!

Water Safety With Colin & Friends is a comprehensive water safety education tool. The classroom-based curriculum focuses on 5 key rules that can help children make safer choices around all types of water, such as waiting for an adult before going in or near water and wearing a life jacket. The full kit includes activities like songs, water safety games, and even a science experiment. The program is evidence-based, continues to be evaluated for efficacy, and has been proven with statistical significance to increase children’s water safety knowledge!


  • Parents, babysitters, and nannies
  • Teachers in traditional classroom settings, homeschool programs, private school settings, and more
  • Swim instructors and swim schools
  • Camps of all kinds
  • And so much more!

The Water Safety With Colin & Friends program has flexible components which can be administered over two weeks, one week, or even one day in order to meet your group’s needs. Lessons can be taught in a traditional classroom setting, outdoors, poolside, or anywhere children are already gathered for a regular learning activity. Additionally, if a local swim lesson provider is available, the classroom lessons pair seamlessly with in-water lessons. Note that all curriculum options are appropriate for children in preschool through first grade (ages 3 to 7), with modifications available for older students.

FREE Water Safety Lessons in English & Spanish!

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Contact us for more information on how Water Safety with Colin & Friends can offer a fun-filled option for water safety education as part of your overall curriculum. We are looking forward to partnering with you in the vision of a world where children do not drown!

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