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Protect Kids From Deaths in Hot Cars: Texas Heatstroke Task Force (Colin’s Hope Partner Spotlight)

July 24, 2020 |

Join us for a conversation with Johnny Humphreys, Chair of the Texas Heatstroke Task Force as we discuss water safety & preventing child hot car deaths, including:

– Similarities in education surrounding drowning & hot car death prevention
– Importance of locking your vehicle
Checking water first then vehicles next if a child is missing
– Memory research & building healthy habits

Two ways adults can prevent a child death in a hot car:

  1. “Always lock your car” – a small child playing in an unlocked car on a hot day is at risk of heat stroke. Learn why if a child goes missing at home, you should “check the water first” and then “check the car”.
  2. “Always put your stuff in the back” – if you build a habit of always putting your purse or bag in the back seat, you build a repetitive habit of noticing that the child seat is empty before you leave your car.

Rules to teach your child:

  • Don’t play in a hot car.
  • If you see another kid inside a parked car, tell an adult.