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Traveling soon? Remember these simple water safety tips!

November 19, 2018 | Community Impact

Traveling season is upon us! With Thanksgiving just around the corner many families are planning to visit family and friends or will be welcoming guests into their own homes.

Before you pack your bags or pull out the rollaway bed, take a few minutes to think about your family’s Water Safety Plan.

  1. Appoint an ADULT Water Guardian. Unfortunately, drowning can happen year round. New places are fascinating for everyone, especially young children. If you have a backyard pool or will near any kind of water (hot tub, lake, pond, river, etc.), please appoint an adult water guardian at all times – even if there are no plans to be near water.
  2. BLOCK access to water. Do you have a backyard pool? Do you have easy access to a pond or lake? Put barriers in your home to keep young children away from water.
  3. Share your water safety plan. Make sure your family and guests know your safety plan! Display a safety sign around your home, and take some time to share the plan with your guests. Going somewhere fun for a few days? Put your plan together upon arrival to help your family be safer near water!

Just a few simple changes in behavior can create a safer culture around water. Learn more at and take our Water Safety Quiz at today!

Safe travels wherever you may go, and best wishes for a safer break.

Happy Thanksgiving!