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Lost Creek Aquatics Supports Preschool Swim Safety Program

January 14, 2017 | Partnerships

Lost Creek Aquatics helped Colin’s Hope end 2016 with a bang by supporting the Preschool Swim Safety Program. This is part of a year-round partnership with LCA that also gives their swimmers quality opportunities with Colin’s Hope throughout the year and educates LCA families about water safety.

Thanks to their tremendous fundraising efforts, Lost Creek Aquatics smashed their 50 student goal, and were able to sponsor 66 children for the program. That’s at least 3 preschool classrooms! During their team holiday event, LCA athletes and their families were able to donate swimsuits and goggles for kiddos that might them to participate in the program. Also, as a top competitive team in the country, LCA was able to invite Speedo swimmer Elizabeth Beisel and her Olympic medals to hang out with the team!

Check out this video that shows our preschool program in action. Thank you Lost Creek Aquatics!

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