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Local Preschool Children Receive Free Water Safety Lessons

November 30, 2016 | Community Impact, Partnerships

Colin’s Hope is partnering with the YMCA of Austin for the third year to provide free water safety education and swim lessons to over 600 children during the 2016 – 2017 school year.

Preschool children from Lucy Read Pre-Kindergarten, Dobie Prekindergarten Center, and Uphaus Early Childhood Center spend 2 weeks visiting their local YMCA for a total of eight classes. During the classes, students learn and discuss five important water safety habits:

  • Waiting for an adult before going near water
  • Learning to swim
  • Wearing a life jacket
  • Adults should always be watching, and
  • Staying away from drains

Children also spend 35 minutes each day with a trained swim instructor for 1-on-1 practice. These lessons are enhanced with songs, games, and interactive charts, and are provided in English and Spanish. Click below for a sneak peek of the program!


In addition to these lessons, the Colin’s Hope Preschool Water Safety Program includes a parent education piece. Parents and families of children in this program are invited to attend an information session at the beginning of each semester to learn about the program. At the end of each session, every child receives the Colin’s Hope water safety information card and Water Guardian Badge that can be used for future trips to pools or open water. Parents are also encouraged to attend each lesson to continue their education with their child.

Colin’s Hope is proud to sponsor local communities in an effort to share water safety awareness and, ultimately, prevent drownings.

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