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Colin’s Hope and Local Partners Host Successful Benefit Events

August 14, 2017 | Partnerships

WOW! Colin’s Hope is amazed at the amount of support we received from local communities last week! Thanks to two of our local partners – Kendra Scott (South Congress) and Hamlin Home Team – many more families and children will be able to receive water safety information!

On August 9, a Give Back Night at Kendra Scott resulted in a $1,600 donation for drowning prevention. On August 11, Jill Hamlin with Hamlin Home Team collected over $1,000 dollars in support for Colin’s Hope from a neighborhood event. This. Is. HUGE. It is because of partners like these that Colin’s Hope is able to engage more closely with community members and local families! Thank you, all, so much!

Couldn’t make these events? No worries! Visit us soon at:

Interested in hosting a benefit night? Email us at [email protected] today! Benefit nights allow local communities to continue receiving and sharing water safety information, and is a great way to support a local cause. Contact us today to set up your event!