Visual Supervision

Drowning is fast and silent. Assign an adult to watch children around water and learn how to recognize a swimmer in trouble.

The Basics

  • Learn how to recognize a swimmer in trouble. (see videos)
  • Assign an adult Water Guardian whose only responsibility is to watch children who are in, near, or around water.
  • If the assigned adult Water Guardian needs a break, the responsibility of watching the children must be assumed by another adult Water Guardian.
  • The role of an adult Water Guardian differs from that of a lifeguard. The Water Guardian’s role is to watch and PREVENT emergencies. A lifeguard is trained to rescue in the event of an emergency.
  • Teach children who cannot swim to stay away from water unless accompanied by a qualified adult. A qualified adult knows how to swim, stays within arm’s reach of the child, and maintains eye to eye contact with the child.
  • Wear the Colin’s Hope Water Guardian badge as a physical reminder that you are on duty.
  • Have a phone available for emergencies. Do not talk, text or surf the internet while you on Water Guardian duty!


Action Items

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First-Hand Stories

Colin's StoryStewart Leonard III, Age 21 mos.
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