Practice Drain Safety

Teach children to stay away from drains. Be a responsible pool and spa owner.

The Basics

  • “Hidden Hazard,” a Drain Safety Explainer from The Zac Foundation and Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation, gives an overview of why drains can be dangerous.
  • A defective or out of date pool, hot tub, or spa drain cover may trap a swimmer’s hair, jewelry, clothing, body, or extremities.
  • Teach children about the hazards of drain entrapment. Instruct them not to swim, play near or sit on drains, drain covers or suction outlets.
  • Protect against drain entrapment by only installing drain covers authorized by the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (also known as VGB-compliant drain covers).
  • Know where the shut off switch for the pool, hot tub, or spa is located.
  • VIDEO: Consider Building a Drainless Pool. (Oasis Pools, YouTube)

Action Items

Dive Deeper

  • Cracked, broken, and missing drain covers create unsafe pools, spas and hot tubs. Older styles may not meet safety code requirements.
  • In-ground hot tubs, wading pools, and pools with flat drain grates or only one main drain system present the largest risk of entrapment.
  • Equip new pools, hot tubs, and spas with multiple drains to reduce the suction of any one drain, or install a drainless pool.
  • Take the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act online course (Pool & Hot Tub Association). Learn its compliance and inspection requirements and how to plan and conduct a survey of your pool, hot tub, or spa to certify adherence to the Pool & Spa Safety Act.
  • Consider Additional Entrapment Prevention Options. (Pool Safely)

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