Date: November 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021
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Give the gift of water safety & drowning prevention this holiday season! Why not give a non-traditional gift with a life-saving purpose? Let your loved ones, employees, customers, or corporate partners know you thought of them by choosing one of the water safety and drowning prevention gifts below and donating in their honor. There is a gift and price range for everyone on your list!




$2,500 – Sponsor a Colin’s Hope Water Safety Billboard and School Bus Ad – Colin’s Hope utilizes a wide variety of media platforms to reach as many children and families as possible with life-saving resources and tips. This includes social media ads, print ads in magazines and family directories, and for large impact, billboards and bus ads. Large print ads reach thousands of individuals daily. Donate at this level today and you may see it on your local school bus or at your nearest highway intersection tomorrow!


$1,000 – Be a Water Watcher Warrior – This donation will help Colin’s Hope develop implement a NEW awareness and education campaign in 2022 focused on the importance of being a WATER WATCHER. We will design a campaign the includes billboards, ads, social media content, and a “How to Be a Water Watcher” PSA to help demonstrate the importance of appointing an undistracted adult to constantly watch the water. We will evaluate the effectiveness of this campaign to see if we witness an increase in adults using our Water Watcher badges and serving as Water Watchers when with children around water.  We believe in evaluating our programs for efficacy so that we can continue making a difference and saving lives, ultimately preventing drownings. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving by encouraging positive behavioral and cultural change.


$500 – Be a Curriculum Champion – This donation level will also help Colin’s Hope develop and run a NEW curriculum website so that we can bring our proven Water Safety With Colin & Friends curriculum to children and families in any classroom, camp, or home. The curriculum lessons focus on 5 key rules that can help children make safer choices around all types of water, such as waiting for an adult before going in or near water and wearing a life jacket. The curriculum includes activities, songs, water safety games, and even a science experiment. The program is evidence-based, evaluated for efficacy, and proven with statistical significance to increase children’s water safety knowledge! This is truly a gift that keeps on giving by encouraging educational ripples of positive cultural change. Want your donation to go to a specific classroom? Contact us after your donation and let us know!


$250 – Donation of  20 Bilingual Colin & Friends Wait For A Grown Up Board Book Packages – Colin & Friends Wait For A Grown Up is a diverse, bilingual board book that teaches young children the life-saving water safety skill Wait For A Grown Up. Join Colin & friends as they teach children in the community all about water safety! This gift will provide families who visit community clinics or local organizations with a book, bookmark, and parent/caregiver water safety education card. Thanks to your generosity, they will be safer around water.


$100 – Sponsorship of Water Safety & Swim Lessons for One Child – Colin’s Hope has been a long-time provider of water safety programs across Central Texas. Our Water Safety with Colin & Friends collaboration has been a successful example of our programs. Your $100 donation can fuel this education initiative by providing 1 child with 8 swim lessons through a local swim provider and 8 water safety lessons from our Water Safety With Colin & Friends Curriculum. Colin’s Hope works year-round with generous community partners to share this course with children and their families at little to no cost. Honor your loved one and gift a child in the community at the same time!


$50 – Parent & Caregiver Water Safety Course – Do you or someone you know care for a child or children? Are you a parent, a grandparent, or even a babysitter or camp counselor? Then this giving level is for you. Whether you have children under 5, older kids, or teenagers, every parent and caregiver will take away life-saving information for their family. This online course includes four (4) unique video sessions, companion resources and activities, and additional resources to keep this important conversation going year-round. If you donate at this level, then you will receive an email with a link to our NEW Parent and Caregiver Water Safety Course so that you can begin learning right away.


$25 – Loaner Life Jacket – Life jackets are essential drowning prevention tools. Your $25 donation can help Colin’s Hope provide an infant, child, youth, or adult life jacket to one of many waterfront Life Jacket Loaner Stations. These stations allow lake visitors to borrow a jacket on the honor system and enjoy a safer day on the water. Gift a life jacket today and it may end up at one of our sponsored loaner stations: Map of Area Life Jacket Loaner Stations



Recurring Monthly – Continuous Life Saving Education – Why limit your gift-giving to a single day? Let your loved ones know you are thinking of them 365 days a year by choosing a recurring donation as their gift. No amount is too big or small. Every dollar donated to Colin’s Hope is stretched to its maximum potential so that children and families we interact with every day walk away with greater water safety knowledge and the potential to prevent future drownings. Your recurring donation can help reach families beyond our backyard and keep the important work we do alive. Consider spreading your love as you spread your gift across every month of the year.


Planned Giving to Colin’s Hope – Are you passionate about the work we do year-round to prevent drowning and want to help extend our work beyond your lifetime? If so, please consider including Colin’s Hope in your estate planning. You can make a gift in your will, a beneficiary designation, or leverage your IRA to support Colin’s Hope.  We know there is still work to ensure that no family experiences drowning ever again. Please contact Alissa Magrum ( to discuss the possibilities.




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