Board & Staff


Alissa Magrum, Executive Director
Jessica Brown, Program Director

Board of Directors (Pro-Bono)

Katharine Teleki – Chair
Karen Weir – Vice Chair
Chelsea Weber – Treasurer
Susan Mills – Secretary

Ben Archer
April Bennett
Barrett Criswell
Jana Holst
Jeff Holst
Stacy Pearson
Jaime Slaughter

Colin’s Hope would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the following people for their commitment and support to our mission of drowning prevention:

Jenny Stafford, Debbie Stack ( original board members ), Tom Jennings, Glenna Sager, Amy Domecq, Katie Hutcheson, Erica Jaimes, Justin Simmons, Michele Arceo, Marj Shoobe, Bob Fonseca, Aaron Harrell, Chris Garcia, Joe Richmond, Tiffany Wilkinson, Ari Brown, Carrie Wilkin, Rob Cunningham, Julie Neas, and Joyce Flint (Colin’s Grammy).


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